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  In some indigenous communities, El Colibrí (the hummingbird) is highly protected as a sacred being as it acts as a messenger of time and healing. One incredible characteristic of the hummingbird is that it has the ability to fly backward and forward which mirrors the importance of one being able to look back at the past but still continue forward, and while still being in the present. El Colibrí travels from flower to flower, selectively choosing the most nutritious and sweet options, this selectivity mimics the importance of being selective in what we choose to nourish our lives with. From this, we can learn a valuable lesson regarding the importance of time and healing. Whether you are seeking just a moment of relaxation or to work out some tension in your shoulders, massage therapy also offers time and space to assist you during your journey of healing. 


  • It can boost an individual’s immune system.

  • It promotes relaxation.

  • It can help to reduce chronic pain.

  • It can help athletes recover from muscle injuries more efficiently.

  • It can help to reduce tension.

  • It can help to improve blood circulation.

  • It can help to reduce high blood pressure.

  • It can help your muscles to reset.

**Please note: If you are not sure if it is safe to receive a massage due to a medical condition, please contact your medical care provider. Please keep in mind, I have the right to request a medical note that clears you for receiving a massage due to a medical condition. This is to keep you safe.

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This is a professional practice with the highest ethical boundaries. There is zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior will lead to dismissal from the practice.

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